Apr. 10th, 2012

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The following message was released by the Nuri Family, who lost two members of their family during a weekend collision in Concord:

On behalf on the Karzai/Nuri family we would like to thank the People of Concord and the rest of the community who have reached out to our family and have been a great help in this time of pain. We would also like to thank the Concord Police Department and the District Attorney for all of their hard work.

We understand this will be a long process and have been made aware the driver might be released today. We know this country has a justice system put in place and we respect it, that is why our families moved here over 27 years ago. At this time we are focused on being a family and Laying our loved ones to rest and letting the police do there job. Thank You

Emal Karzai
On behalf of the Karzai/Nuri family

The family set up a Memorial Fund:

Donations should be made to the "Solaiman and Hadessa Nuri Memorial Fund" at any Wells Fargo branch.

The account number is: 3268148529

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